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About Us

We are a non-profit organization created to provide private funds for the promotion of excellence in education within the Northmont City School District.
Our board consists of up to 14 voting members and three permanent non-voting members. These non-voting members represent the Northmont Board of Education, the Superintendent, and the Alumni Association. The volunteer Trustees represent the community interests and seek to fulfill the mission of the foundation through community and donor interaction, focused program management and teacher and student support. We are a component of the Dayton Foundation, and while leadership of the NEF stays in our community, oversight of our funds lie within the Dayton Foundation.
Our Mission
The mission of the Northmont Education Foundation is to provide funds to enhance the education of the students in the Northmont Community through grants and scholarships.

Our Purpose
The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the programs and activities of Northmont Schools through donations and gifts in support of the following categories:

Academic Excellence - to promote student academic achievement

Fine and Performing Arts - to promote student excellence in music, dance, the performing arts, and fine arts

General - to promote general enrichment programs, activities and athletic interests