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Northmont Education Foundation

Grant Guidelines


Northmont Education Foundation (NEF) Mission:

To provide funds to enhance the education of the students in the Northmont Community through grants and scholarships.


Northmont Education Foundation (NEF) Purpose:

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the programs and activities of Northmont Schools through donations and gifts in support of the following categories: (1) Academic Excellence - to promote student academic achievement; (2) Fine and Performing Arts - to promote student excellence in music, dance, the performing arts, and fine arts; and (3) General - to promote general enrichment programs, activities and athletic interests.


Northmont City School District (NCSD) Mission:

The mission of Northmont City Schools is to provide students an exceptional education with diverse opportunities so they maximize their potential and are productive, responsible citizens.

Northmont City School District (NCSD) Vision:

Northmont City Schools will be a model district that provides the highest standard of excellence in education through our vision:  

-        Varying opportunities for student and employee growth

-        Inspiring students to be creative, self-directed, critical thinkers through innovative, differentiated instruction and program choices

-        Supporting and serving our ever-changing student culture

-        Integrating parent and community partnerships through the district

-        Ongoing development of state-of-the-art facilities

-        Northmont students will be college and/or career ready

The Four Strategies from the NCSD Strategic Plan:
Strategy 1 - We will develop and implement a plan to ensure active, ongoing parental and community engagement in partnership with all Northmont schools.
Strategy 2 - We will develop and implement a plan to ensure a progressive curriculum and programs, which improve individual student achievement and growth that supports our ever-changing student culture.
Strategy 3 - We will develop and implement a plan to continue to build, renovate, expand and/or eliminate facilities to support the mission and vision.
Strategy 4 - We will develop and implement a plan to guarantee and enhance staff development and growth.

Grant Application Criteria


The Northmont Education Foundation awards thousands of dollars each year in scholarships and grants.  The volunteer Trustees assign a high priority to the stewardship of the funds that the organization receives through its philanthropic efforts.  Therefore, in 2019, the Trustees made the decision to reevaluate our grant application process to ensure proper stewardship and distribution of our grant funds.  A comprehensive list of potential grant criteria was created and an anonymous survey was conducted to determine which criteria the Trustees felt were the most important in determining which grants should be funded.  It became quite evident that seven criteria should be used in determining NEF grant funding:

1.       Student Impact. How will the project/program directly impact the students at Northmont? What students will the project/program impact? How will the project/program enhance/improve the students’ understanding of an existing concept?  How will the project/program help overcome an existing challenge in the classroom?

2.       Connection to NEF Mission & Purpose. How well does the project/program align with the Northmont Education Foundation (NEF) Mission? How does the project/program align with the NEF Purpose by specifically promoting (1) student academic achievement; (2) student excellence in music, dance, the performing arts, and fine arts; or (3) general enrichment programs, activities or athletic interests?

3.       Innovation. How is the project/program unique and innovative? Has anything like this been done in the district before?  Is the project/program unique to Northmont and can it be duplicated in other districts or schools?  Are existing resources being re-purposed in a new and creative way?  Does the project/program have the potential to make a bold statement such as “Look what we’re doing at Northmont!”

4.       NCSD Connection & Impact. How does the project/program demonstrate a connection to the Northmont City School District (NCSD) Mission, Vision, and/or Strategies?  Will the project/program have district-wide impact? Will the project/program positively promote the NCSD within the local Northmont community or beyond?  Will the project/program help overcome an existing challenge in the district?

5.       Building Impact & Collaboration. How will the project/program impact the applicant’s building? Will the project/program generate collaboration among other teachers, grades, buildings, etc.?  How many classes or grade levels will be impacted by the project/program? Will the project/program help overcome an existing challenge in the building? Can the project/program be scaled and/or duplicated in other classes, grades, buildings, or communities?

6.       Need. Will the project/program fulfill an existing need in the district? Will the project/program be implemented without NEF funding?  Is the project/program an initiative that is currently being recommended by the Ohio Department of Education and has yet to be fully implemented at Northmont?  Is the project/program an up-and-coming initiative that has yet to be implemented at Northmont?

7.       Sustainability/Longevity. What is the life expectancy of the project/program? Will the project/program extend beyond a year or two? Will the project/program need further funding (or continued funding) to sustain it?  If so, how will the project/program continue to be funded in the future? Will the project/program continue to be supported/sustained if the applicant retires or leaves the district?  If so, how will this be accomplished?

Grant Evaluation Process

1.      Only Northmont City School District staff, students, or community volunteers shall be considered for NEF grant funding.

2.      A minimum of five NEF Trustees shall individually evaluate each grant application based on the seven criteria using a 7-point Likert scale.  An averaged collective score shall be calculated for each grant submitted with a possible maximum score of 49 points (perfect score).

3.      A final comprehensive list of submitted grants shall be ranked according to the averaged collective scores.

4.      A final determination of grant awards shall be based on the ranking of the averaged collective scores. The amount/size of the request, requests for funding in the past, first time requests, and full/partial funding shall only be factors when determining ties or when there is limited funding for a given year.


-        A partial funding request of a larger project is acceptable and encouraged.

-        Requests for food and/or transportation must be clearly tied to the seven criteria.

-        Technology projects must be reviewed by the technology department prior to submission. (Contact Suzanne Lintz and/or Brad Bush)

-        A Building Administrator is required to sign the grant application.  This is not necessarily an approval. The NEF Trustees simply want assurance that Building Administrators are aware of all grant requests in their buildings.


Final Report

Grant recipients are required to prepare a brief report on the use of their funds at the conclusion of the school year in which the grant was used. A form will be sent to the recipient with instructions.

Donor Appreciation Breakfast

Grant recipients may be called upon to present and/or display at the NEF breakfast to be held in the fall of 2021.



The application deadline is Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 4:00pm.



To complete the grant proposal, you can:

Print a copy of the grant proposal form below, complete, scan and e-mail to Joanne Mazzone at    or   complete and send to Joannne Mazzone at Central Office via district mail or snail mail (4001 Old Salem Rd., Englewood).


Any additional questions can be directed to any of the NEF trustees, Joanne Mazzone or

Bob McClintock.


Notification will be made in April with presentation at the year-end assembly.


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