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Grant Application

Northmont Education Foundation

Grant Program


Foundation Mission:

To provide funds to enhance the education of the students in the Northmont Community through grants and scholarships.


District Mission:

The mission of Northmont City Schools is to provide students an exceptional education with diverse opportunities so they maximize their potential and are productive, responsible citizens.

The Four Strategies from the District Strategic Plan:
1) We will develop and implement a plan to ensure active, ongoing parental and community engagement in partnership with all Northmont Schools.
2) We will develop and implement a plan to ensure a progressive curriculum and programs, which improve individual student achievement and growth that supports our ever-changing student culture.
3) We will develop and implement a plan to continue to build, renovate, expand, and/or eliminate facilities to support the mission and vision.
4) We will develop and implement a plan to guarantee and enhance staff development and growth.

Those eligible to apply for funds are staff, students, or volunteers of the Northmont City School District. The following should be considered when submitting your application.

1. Number of students affected:

~Cooperative efforts between or among classrooms, grade levels, or buildings that serve

   the greatest number of children are encouraged.

            ~The ability of the grant to be used in future years can be addressed.

2. Amount of request:

~Grants, regardless of amount, will be evaluated commensurate with their total district 

   value to students.

~A partial funding request of a larger project is acceptable.

~We generally do not fund food or transportation requests.

3. Applicant should refer to the connection the grant has to the district and foundation mission statements or the strategic plan.

4. Technology projects must be reviewed by the technology department prior to submission.         (contact Suzanne Lintz and/or Brad Bush)



Final Report

Grant recipients are required to prepare a brief report on the use of their funds at the conclusion of the year. A form will be sent to the recipient with instructions.

Donor Appreciation Breakfast

Grant recipients may be called upon to present and/or display at the NEF breakfast to be held in fall of 2019.



The application deadline is Thursday, March 21, 2019.



To complete the grant proposal, you can:

            Print a copy of the grant proposal form below, complete, scan and e-mail to Joanne Mazzone at or complete and send to Joannne Mazzone at Central Office via district mail or snail mail (4001 Old Salem Rd., Englewood).


Any additional questions can be directed to any of the NEF trustees, Joanne Mazzone or

Bob McClintock.


Notification will be made in April with a presentation at the year-end assembly on May 23, 2019.


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