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$19,710 in Grants were awarded to Northmont teachers for the 2018-19 school year. The funds are used for the exclusive purpose of assisting Northmont City Schools; students, faculty and staff. All activities of the Fund shall qualify as public charitable purposes as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code of 1968, as amended. All funds are administered by the NEF.
Grants can be created with any amount of money. However, a grant is not considered to be fully funded until it reaches $6,000. Establishing a grant with the NEF is a way to contribute to the future of Northmont Schools. Grants can not be awarded until they are fully funded. Once the grant is fully funded, the donor can create the criteria for which the grant will be awarded as well a name the grant.

A Selection Committee, made up of NEF trustees, reviews grant applications received from Northmont employees in the Spring. They are then awarded and used for the following school year.

Current Fully Funded and Named NEF Grants
Northmont Class of 2005
Northmont Class of 2010
Morgan Davis Family Grant
Frydman Education Grant
Robert Gentis Family Grant
Jill Kindred Grant
Mackay Family Grant
Blum Family Grant
McClintock Family Grant
Norm Lewis Family Grant
Mangen Family Grant
Northmont Retiree Grant
Bradley & Betsy Clapp Grant
2018-19 Recipients

Grant Name Building Teacher(s) Named Grant
Northmont After Prom HS Susan Kuehl, Chairperson & Loretta Amos
Moving On, Transition Planning... HS\MS Degrazia, Webb, Hager, Burch, Whitten, Lopez, Espy, Morris Gentis
Special Ed Science Materials HS Lopez, Espy, Whitten & Burch Clapp 
Breaking Out at Englewood Hills EH Katie Grothaus  
Let's Roll That Tape MS Joy McKarns Mackay 
Markerspace Cubelets NW Sharon Gudde  
There's A Book For That!  Social... NW Nicole Harris  
Northmont Television Network HS Ranger Puterbaugh
Breakout Northwood NW Brooklyn Bucher & Kevin Liu (Jen Stormer) Retiree
Keeping Learning Engaging... ELC Rachel Wade, Elizabeth Silvey, Beth Wyandt McClintock
Aileron Student Leadership Summit HS Jason Inkrott & Eric Wagner Blum
Academic Challenge Next Generation MS/HS David Jones & Kara Combs
Solar Powered Portable... HS Barbara Austin Frydman 
Turn Up The Volume! MS/HS Ryan Chatterton  
Start Music For Smart Assessments HS Chatterton, King, Wissman & Johnston Class of 2005 & 2010
EE Learnig Lab/ Makerspace EE Johnston, Clifford, Cozad, Ferrero, Houdieshell & Wertz Kindred 
Super Learning Centers For English... All Elem Keli Dukeman Davis
Ready Or Not, Here They Come... EH Pam Dafler  
Athletics HS Athletic Dept. Lewis & Mangen