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Roll of Recognition

In the fall of 1990, a group of interested Northmont supporters came together with the mission to
identify and recognize individuals who contributed time, effort, and commitment in exemplary
ways directly to or in benefit of the Northmont School system and community. Three separate
categories were formed to recognize an alumnus, community member, and educator. Since
inception, the Roll of Recognition has become known as the hallmark award of the Northmont
community. Each year an induction ceremony, in conjunction with the Northmont graduation
ceremonies, is held to recognize each new class of recipients.

In 2011, we celebrated our 20th anniversary as the premier community service award.

Northmont Roll of Recognition

Recipient History

1991 Richard L. Shell, Robert Spiller, and Ronald Myers

1992 Richard Whistler, Morgan Davis, and Thomas Lester

1993 Eloise C. Rosser, Steven L. Winteregg, and Thomas L. Walker Sr.

1994 Ralph Ramsey, Paul Knoop, and Jennie Ruth Share

1995 Willis R. Cool, Duane Haines, and Jeffrey Weiland

1996 Jacqueline Applegate, Ned Booher, and Ronald Hajarian

1997 Alan Y. Abrahamson, Steve R. Haworth, and Charles D. MacArthur

1998 Gale Mabry, Rodney Malott

1999 Ted A. Marshall, Sally Murphy, and James F. Kreuckeberg

2000 George Demetriades, Roland St. John, and Edwin Treherne

2001 Ron Hawley, Robin Long, and Onilee Spiller

2002 Elaine and Rich LoRusso, Mike Wilson, and David E. Wolford

2003 Michael W. Barrow, John C. (Jack) Davis, and Robert L. Flavin

2004 William R. Kindred, David and Kathy Klein, Evelyn (Billie) Morris Moore

2005 Stephen C. Heinrichs, Julia Simmerer, Ronni Loundy

2006 Thomas R. Hissong, Gary A. Coovert, J. Lee Auvil

2007 Robert E. Woolf, Thomas J. Kleptz, Diane Dille

2008 Colonel G. Thomas Menker Jr., Sue K. Mitchell, Gene Klaus

2009 Ted Schroeder, Ronald Bradley, Adam Cohen

2010 Richard Dill, Paul Harper, Linda Blum

2011 Tad Mabry, MD, Janis Althaus, John Kettler

2012 Robert Gentis, L. Jackson Newell, Robin Spiller

2013 Dr. Douglas Longenecker, Robert Cohen, John Blessing

2014 Chris Eifert, Timothy Slentz

2015 Marjorie Strader, Dr. Sarah Zatik, Dr. Jaideep Chunduri

2016 Bruce A Clapp, Dale and Belinda Paugh, Wanda Adams

2017 Robert McClintock, Donna Moore, Elmer "Buddy" Bergman

2018 Sandra Shelton Freeman, Reg Richwine, Charles and Arlene Kleptz

2019 Candy Gauldin, Jill Fisher Kingston, Jane Yensel Woodie

2020 Sandra Harris, Buck and Barb Mangen, Jennifer Prinz

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